Michael Jenkins

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The secret science of the stock market


 In this book Mr. Jenkins gives a start to finish ‘scientific’ examination of time and price forecasting techniques starting with basic line vectors and advances the concepts to circles, squares, triangles, logarithms, music structure and ratio analysis. These concepts are developed into a comprehensive method that allows you to forecast any market with great accuracy. Mr. Jenkins demonstrates how a few simple calculations would have predicted many of the greatest stock market swings of the past several decades with accuracy down to the day and price targets within one point on the market averages.


Författare: Jenkins, Michael
Pris: 1100 kr

Chart reading for proffessional traders


 This book is a complete comprehensive study on reading charts, forecasting the market, time-cycles and trading strategies. It explains reversal of trends, when to expect them and how long the trend should last and price targets to expect. This book offers an in-depth coverage of Gann´s techniques of price and time. Jenkins method of using cicular vectors for projections of price and time points is also introduced.

Chapter titles include: Forecasting, Circular Arcs, Support & Resistance, Waves, Angles, The Hourly Chart, Emotional Charts, Common Patterns, Long Term Charts, Mirror Images, Volume, Strategy, Intra-day Patterns etc. The book includes numerous real world chart examples to guide you through the methods.

Författare: Jenkins, Michael
Pris: 525 kr

 The geometry of stock market profits


 The contents include:

-Introductions to Cyles
-Why Technical Analysis
-Theory of Geometry
-The Hourly Chart
-Proportion and Harmony
-Trading Basics
-Impulsive Waves
-Trading Options
-What is a Professional?
-Common sense trading rules
-Ten trading tips to make you rich
-Comments on Fundamentals and Economics

Författare: Jenkins, Michael
Pris: 525 kr



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