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Chart reading for proffessional traders


 This book is a complete comprehensive study on reading charts, forecasting the market, time-cycles and trading strategies. It explains reversal of trends, when to expect them and how long the trend should last and price targets to expect. This book offers an in-depth coverage of Gann´s techniques of price and time. Jenkins method of using cicular vectors for projections of price and time points is also introduced.

Chapter titles include: Forecasting, Circular Arcs, Support & Resistance, Waves, Angles, The Hourly Chart, Emotional Charts, Common Patterns, Long Term Charts, Mirror Images, Volume, Strategy, Intra-day Patterns etc. The book includes numerous real world chart examples to guide you through the methods.

Författare: Jenkins, Michael
Pris: 525 kr



Beställning till: eller tel: 0911-970 01











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