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The great American deception    


"Ravi Batra has made an outstanding reputation in the United States as an international economic theorist in the best Western tradition"
-Leonard Silk, economics columnist
The New York Times

"Dr. Batra is one of the most gifted and serious economists around today. His views on several national and global, socioeconomic issues and problems are in demand around the world." -World Buisness Review "Batra is a scholar who has earned a considerable reputation as an expert on trade."
-Albert Crenshaw
The Washington Post

Why have wages and real family incomes stagnated? Why are corporations constantly downsizing? Why is the world´s largest economy addicted to huge budget and trade deficits? Why have we borrowed hundered of billions of dollars from other countries and become a debtor nation? Why does the burden of payroll taxes raise every year? Why does wealth remain concentrated in the hands of a small miority, regardless of which political party is in power?

The Great American Deception - Dr. Ravi Batras critical exposé of the obsolete economic ideas on both sides of the political aisle.



Författare: Batra, Ravi
Pris: 100 kr


 Så här kan alla svenskar bli miljonärer   



I boken får du inspiration till att förbättra den ekonomiska situation som underlättar ditt dagliga liv. Den förklarar också hur finansbranschen tjänar pengar på att göra enkla saker komplexa. Läs boken och bygg upp din egen kompetens så att du kan fatta egna beslut. Boken är lätt att läsa och enkel att förstå. Det svåra är att ha karaktären och följa råden.



Författare: Börjesson, Per
Pris: 137 kr

 Bli börsproffs på ett par timmar   



Boken innehåller råden du inte får i andra böcker om aktier och aktieaffärer. Vissa av reglerna bryter mot det som anses vara sanningar på finansmarknaden.

Exempelvis hävdar författarna, som har 30 års erfarenhet från finansbranschen, att det inte alls behöver vara bra att ta hem en vinst, att det kan finnas mycket att vinna på att tänka kortsiktigt och hur man som amatör kan tjäna på att genomskåda moden och trender på finansmarknaderna.



Författare: Nilsson, Peter
Medförfattare: Torssell, Johnny
Pris: 211 kr



 The great depression av 1990      


Ever since the Second World War, the world has been free from a severe depression. This book argues that the 1990s will experience an economic disaster dwarfing the Great Depression of the 1930s.

This is the conclusion that unmistakably emerges from an in depth study of the historical behavior of four ecomonic variables, namely money supply, inflation, regulation and depressions. Going as far back as the 1750s, the author has discovered that all these variables have followed an amazing, rhythmical pattern. Every third decade in the U.S. economy has been the peak decade of inflation for more than two centuries. The high inflation of the1970s, 1940s, 1910s, and so on was no fluke; it was part of an inflatonary cycle that has crested every third decade. Furthermore, every peak decade of inflation was also the peak decade of money growth and regulation. All these variables last crested during the 1970s. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have declined so far in the 1980s.

The author argues that the only way to escape the impending catalycism is to minimize wealth disparity and the federal budget deficit. Towards these ends, he proposes a federal property tax.

The author also suggests what a person can do today, what investment startegy he should follow to survive the comning disaster.



Författare: Batra, Ravi
Pris: 100 kr

 The downfall of capitalism & communism         


This is another stunning book from Dr. Ravi Batra. In The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism he explains how he predicted the collapse of communism in 1977, more than a decade before it actually began. In 1989 the world was startled by the sudden fall of many Marxist regimes, but it came as no surprise to Ravi Batra, who had already propheised the demise of the Soviet bloc.

First published by Macmillan Press in 1978 in England, this book recieved some attention from the British media and critics, but in the United States was completely ignored. No one will ignore it now as the Berlin Wall crumbles before our very eyes.

In this second edition, Dr. Batra adds his version of the 1990s and advises the reader about the financial, mental and spiritual preparation needed to face the coming turmoil.

Ravi Batra is internationally known for the uncanny forecasts in his #1 New York Times bestseller, The Great Depression of 1990. But The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism has turned out to be even more prophetic, as his forecast of the end of communism around the year 2000 is already begining to unfold.

Batra provides a wealth of information on feminism, religion, economics, government, politics, and spirituality. In order to face the looming cataclysms, he offers the reader unique and comprehensive adivce about financial, mental and spirutual matters. Says Batra "You will have to draw on evey ounce of your energy and inner strength to live through the 1990s."



Författare: Batra, Ravi
Pris: 100 kr

Muslim civilization 


On December 5, 1978, the author declared before an audience of 300 students and professors at the University of Oklahoma at Norman that the Shah of Iran would be replaced by priests in 1979. This is precisely what happened in February 1979. Later in Fall 1979, the author told his class of 40 students, studying Self and Society at Southern Methodist University, that there would be a war between Iran and Iraq in 190-81, an event that occured in September 1980. The author claims that his conclusions derived not from astrology or psychic ability but from a scientific study of history, based on a theory of social cycle written by a profound Indian scholar, P.R. Sarkar.

This book, a sequel to the authors revious work, The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History, deals with the reasoning that led Dr. Batra to his conclusions about the future of Iran and Iraq. It finds that, as with other societies, amcient Persia and Muslim Civilization also evolved in tune with Sarkars theory of history. The book ends with the argument that while the forthcoming turmoil of Islam is likely to bring abput the Downfall of Capitalism, and even Communism, in the next two decades (beginning with 1985-86), new ideas of universalism originating from India are likely to generate a new world society.



Författare: Batra, Ravi
Pris: 100 kr

The myth of free trade 


In a front-page story in The Wall Street Journal, Pat Buchanan named The Myth of Free Trade as one of the cornerstones of his protectionist economic policy. Written by Dr. Ravi Batra, bestselling economist and author of The Great Depression of 1990, The Myth of Free Trade throws down the gauntlet to economic orthodoxy and challenges the gospel of free trade. Dr. Batra states that "laissez-faire has wrecked U.S. industry and shattered the American dream."
As an antidote to our economic ills - the federal deficit, our reliance on foreign imports, widespread downsizing, enviromental destruction - Dr. Batra sets out a five-year plan for economic revival that includes raising tariffs on imports, banning mergers among giant firms, and encouraging domestic competition by spliting huge corporations into smaller units. "The forecasting record of this widely respected Southern Methodist University economist has won glowing praise from many pragmatic investment masters."
-Tom Peters, Chicago Tribune



Författare: Batra, Ravi
Pris: 100 kr

Boken om Carlsson TS 


I boken om Carlsson TS lär du

dig hur du använder parametrarna

i analysprogrammet Carlsson TS.

De 10 vanligaste indikatorerna tas

upp och beskrivs utförligt, ex

glidande medeltal, rsi, momentum,

stochastic etc.

Denna information kan tillämpas på

andra analysprogram.



Författare: Carlsson, Ingemar
Pris: 95 kr




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